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Thirty plus years of images ranging from President Barack Obama, Michael Jordan
and the Chicago Bulls to Andre the Giant plus Cycling, Travel, and Nature photography


The dinosaur photo is "Cincinnati Under Attack" which was selected by Shutterbug magazine for their    May 2010 issue "Taking Pictures" feature.  Click here to go to the May 2010 issue of Shutterbug.

      The cycling image was published in the December 2011 issue of Shutterbug magazine.

"When Dave said he has been a photo enthusiast for most of his life, I visited his website and was very impressed with his images. With my exposure to countless photos, I classify Dave's images as pro-am status - professional level images for someone not making a living as a photographer; Dave's cycling photos and his Amazon gallery is of particular interest. I look forward to having Dave's photos being pat of our image collection (www.photosalon.com -  the world's largest fine photography store)." Andy Blau - Founder of LIFE.com, a joint venture of Time Inc. and Getty Images - the world's largest professional photography collection online.